15 WordPress Calendar Plugins For Event Booking and Post Archives

This article lists 15 fantastic WordPress calendar plugins for booking events and navigating post archives. If you need to create a WordPress site where customers can book tickets for events, online courses or anything else you can think of one of these plugins below will help you achieve the required functionality.

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Booking System PRO WordPress Plugin – Price $20

Booking System PRO WordPress Plugin

The Booking System PRO WordPress Plugin will help you to easily create a booking/reservation system your WordPress website or blog.

BookingWizz WordPress Calelndar / Booking Plugin – Price $15

BookingWizz WordPress Calelndar / Booking Plugin

BookingWizz for WordPress – is long awaited addon which will allow you to integrate bookingwizz into your wordpress site without any hassle. Plugin will install bookingwizz for you (bookingwizz must be purchased and uploaded to your site root) with a click and will seamlessly integrate whole system interface into your wordpress site, you will not have separate login to manage your events/bookings/calendars. BookingWizz for WordPress has 2 widgets and 4 shortcodes at the moment.

Smart WordPress Blog Post Calendar – Price $14

Smart WordPress Blog Post Calendar

Smart WordPress blog post calendar is a unique way to display your archived post in a widget. Your visitors will able to explore your post archive most effectively and efficiently! They can easily browse the archive and if they want they can visit the specific post by clicking on the post title. This will obviously added a new functionality for your website and this will increase your website’s page views.

MB WordPress Calendar – Price $16

MB WordPress Calendar

MB WordPress Calendar – a versatile and powerful calendar/event system for your WordPress website.

Business Calendar – WordPress Internal Calendar – Price $15

Business Calendar - WordPress Internal Calendar

Power up your wordpress website creating a full featured calendar for each WordPress user. Cooperating with other users has never be so simple. Transforms wordpress in a real working platform: create your calendar, share it with other users and invite them to your events. Everything is simple and just need few clicks.

Check your events and add them easily throught the visual calendar and the smooth tooltips. With Business Calendar is everything under your control wit an efficient notification system.

Sugar Event Calendar WordPress Plugin – Price $16

Sugar Event Calendar

Sugar Event Calendar is a sweet, simple event calendar plugin for WordPress. Most event calendar plugins are either way too simple, or extremely overly complex and bloated. Sugar Event Calendar is designed to be simple, light weight, and provide just the major features you need for event management.

Calendarize it WordPress Plugin – Price $25

Calendarize it WordPress Plugin

There are several great calendar plugins available for WordPress, but most of them target specific industries, or are limited in features. We have tried to create Calendarize It to be a feature rich Calendar and Event plugin, which targets a very broad audience.

WordPress Pro Event Calendar – Price $15

Wordpress Pro Event Calendar

The Pro Event Calendar plugin adds a professional and sleek calendar to your posts or pages. 100% Responsive, also you can use it inside a widget.

3C-Events WordPress All-in-One Event Calendar – Price $15

3C-Events WordPress All-in-One Event Calendar

3c-events is a powerful WordPress All-in-One event calendar plugin that may be easily integrated and used. 3c-events has a user-friendly interface and navigation. It can be viewed in various ways : mini calendar, big calendar or events list.

LBEvents WordPress Calendar Plugin – Price $15

LBEvents WordPress Calendar Plugin

LBEvents is a plugin for WordPress that allows users to easily create and manage events and display them in a calendar. Insert calendar base on shortcode so it easy to add to any Post/Page. The calendar is very simple to install, implement and use. Controls calendar via AJAX so the page not reload each time when move to next or previous month. LBEvents also allow users to vote an event lets you know everyone’s feeling about the event.

WordPress Animated Posts Calendar – Price $10

Wordpress Animated Posts Calendar

Every WordPress Installation has a default Calendar which will highlight the days that contain posts. But the calendar is very simple and somehow dull. That is why we took our premium designed Flash Calendar that is also the basic of our WordPress Events Calendar and used it to build a Calendar that is rich in design, animation and flexibility.

TimeTable WordPress Calendar – Price $20

TimeTable WordPress Calendar

Timetable for music festivals, seminars, business events and even sport events! Built for WordPress on jquery and php, this timetable is the ultimate, unique solution for an attractive and easy way to show visitors your events. The data can be updated using an easy admin panel while the php makes sure that everything will be search engine optimized. The timetable can be printed by your visitors and turns into a comprehensive list. Skins make it easy to adjust this timetable to any existing website.

AJDE Event Calendar – Price $16

AJDE Event Calendar

Event calendar plugin for wordpress that utilizes WP’s custom post type. This plugin integrate eventbrite API to create paid events, add limited capacity to events, and accept payments for paid events or allow registration for free events. This plugin will add an AJAX driven calendar with month-view of events to front-end of your website. Events on front-end can be sorted by date or title. You can easily add events with multiple attributes and customize the calendar layout or build your own calendar using event post meta data. (directions to build your custom calendar in documentation)

WordPress Simple Event Calendar – Price $10

WordPress Simple Event Calendar

Professional and elegant plugin that adds an Event Calendar to your posts or pages.

WordPress Multiple Events Calendar with Countdown – Price $10

Wordpress Multiple Events Calendar with Countdown

WordPress Flash minimalistic calendar with Events was build with minimalism and functionality in mind. We wanted to offer you clean, small events calendar that still have the ability to offer some informations and even a preview image for the event.

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  1. DanielZairi
    DanielZairi says:

    Great post, but you are missing one very important plugin that just came out ot the market. the WP-OBS. By far superior to many of the booking plugins currently out there. Its a stand alone plugin and it comes as a free (Limited) version and a PRO WP-OBS version with many features and many more to come.  But donet just tkae my word for it, take it for a test drive for a FREE 7 days trial (Full version) or install the free limited version from the wordpress plugin directory.


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