How To Embed WordPress TV Videos On WordPress Via Shortcode

This tutorial will show you how to easily embed videos into your standalone WordPress installation using the shortcode format usually only available to site owners.

To achieve this we will be creating a shortcode and function that will allow us to copy the video shortcode designed for rather than the HTML embed code that standalone WordPress users usually use.

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10 Useful WordPress Hacks And WordPress Functions

This article lists 10 Useful WordPress Hacks & WordPress Functions that you will find helpful when developing your own wordpress themes. A few of my personal favorite WordPress Tips in this list are Caching custom WordPress queries and Deluxe Blog Tips Meta box script for easy custom metabox creation.

1.) How to Remove the Width & Height Attributes From WP Image Uploader

When creating a responsive WordPress theme you may need to remove the default image height and width attributes that are automatically added by the WordPress media uploader.
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