Getting More Money with Fewer Clients: A Guide for WordPress Developers

WordPress developers subsist in a cutthroat industry. No wonder many developers are willing to play price-cut wars with others in the business. Well, there’s nothing wrong with accepting low-paying gigs. It’s a valid method of getting a newbie developer’s foot on the door of opportunity.

But while signing up for low paying jobs can allow you to break into the industry, this way of thinking can sure open up a whole new can of worms. Developers who focus on low-cost projects may find themselves caught in a trap, both in their work and finances.

If you are a WordPress developer who has had enough of the burdens put on by low paying projects, then it’s time to break free. Today, you will learn how to finally get more rewarding gigs with few well-paying clients.

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Building Your Freelancing Business with Monthly Retainers

Freelancers can maintain a steady, even income if they have a solid number of clients on a monthly basis. And this is doable especially when there are clients who pay them on a regular basis every month while on retainer.

With monthly retainers, most clients will give you as much as you can deliver in terms of workload.

If you’re really lucky, a client or two might even pay you just to keep your schedule available for them, regardless of whether you are actually needed or not.

Although the chances of this happening are quite rare, it is still a great possibility. The bottom line is, freelancers can get a lot of opportunities while on a monthly retainer setup.

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The Freelancer’s Complete Guide to Finding Website Clients

When you have a regular job, you tend to be tied down doing it from 9 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. This happens not two or three but five days a week.

Looking forward to the weekend is your weekly plea and hating Mondays is the new fun thing to do.

Some are able to build their careers and use this to gain traction in their respective fields. The others just work and look forward to the next pay.

The waiting goes on for days, then weeks, then years. And you notice that you have spent your life doing something that took the most time out of your life. Only to realize that you scrambled to make a living, but not really LIVING.

You made a living to have a life not fully experienced.

Whether we admit it or not, we need it for the money. We work our a$$e$ off to have money.

This is the new normal. Sad, but true.

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The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Tags

No, it’s not about tagging photos on Facebook, silly. If you need to let the world know that you are there and ready to conquer the online world via your WordPress website, tags are going to be your best friends.

Tags will help you in getting your word out there and making it relevant for like-minded folks who are looking for information on the same topic. With tags, it would be easier for search engines to process your blog post and summon it from millions of pages on the internet.

How do tags do it? How do you use tags properly and use them to optimize your websites? Read on and we will learn more about tags.

What are WordPress tags?

Okay, let us get things straight. Both Categories and Tags are useful in promoting your blog. But Category is used for broader topics while Tags are used for  specific ones.

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The Most Epic List of WordPress Alternatives

Without a doubt, WordPress is one of the most popular CMS platform in the industry,. It is the Swiss Knife of blogging. It is free. And there are so many great things about WordPress.

But what happens if you don’t want to use it? Are there any other alternatives? More importantly, are they any good?

In this post, we will take a look at a few dozen alternatives to WordPres and why you should use them. But first, let’s explore why would people not want to use WordPress. So let’s start off with why should you re-consider using WordPress.

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An In-depth Guide to Editing WordPress

At some point during the lifetime of your WordPress site, you will have to edit it. You may need to make a few tweaks, or overhaul it entirely. Whether you like it or not, this is an activity that you may need to face a few times.

One of the reasons you may have for doing some edit on your codes might include adding some new features to your site. Or it could also be for the re-creation of the whole theme of your page.

These are just among the many possible reasons on why you need to deal with the change on the codes of your website could occur. That said, it’s best that you’re prepared.

But before you get all excited about technical things of coding, you also must be aware of the many crucial things that you need to know when coding in WordPress. Buckle up because you’re in for a good “coding ride” with this article.

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The Ultimate WordPress Weather Plugin List

Innovations in technology have allowed people to better predict the weather. Time after time, this ability to predict the weather has proven to be very helpful.

Nowadays, people add weather forecasts to their websites. Not only does this increase the functionality of their website, it also adds to its appeal. A lot of people go online to check weather forecasts. This shows that there is definitely a market for weather applications.

These weather applications are useful to a lot of people. Accurate weather forecasts can help people prepare for bad weather. If people are informed about possible bad weather, then they can do things to help them cope.

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The Definitive Guide to Constant Contact and How to Integrate It Into Your WordPress Site

Email marketing is quickly–and steadily–becoming the lifeblood of many online businesses. I’d dare say yours and mine included. There are lots of reasons why, and don’t worry, we’ll cover that later.

But as you may well know, email marketing is a highly efficient way to connect with present, future and past customers.

Though some marketers think it’s a convoluted proposition, the principles are actually very simple:

* create laser-targeted email lists
* send killer newsletters
* track results for good measure

Most marketing solutions CAN help you achieve these goals, no doubt. But when you decide and actually start using a service, you will come to realize that not all services are the same. Every company has a different approach towards email marketing.

While there are some that are more focused on customizing newsletter templates, some focus on in-depth tracking.

But why would you need email marketing? What happens if you leverage it for your business? And when you do decide to become partial to email marketing, what tools do you use?

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The 5 WordPress Poll Plugins That Matter, And How to Use Them

A wordpress poll plugin is an interesting way of getting to know the opinion of website visitors. If you have some idea in your mind but want to know that whether people would like it or not, then a poll can be a huge help in making that decision.

WordPress is a robust and user-oriented content management system. It offers website owners a rich set of third-party plugins to interact with their blog readers.

If you are running a blog on WordPress, then having polls can work wonders for your blog. More than that, it’s a great way to make your website more personalized by adding some hot topics or issues that visitors can engage in.

Running a poll on your blog can be easily achieved with the help a WordPress poll plugin. Today, there are hundreds of plugins for WordPress that can be used to run polls on your website.

But because of the numerous options, choosing the best plugin to use may seem daunting. To solve this problem we have tried and tested many poll plugins and shortlisted the best among the free WordPress poll plugins.

But before that, let’s dig in a little deeper why you need polls in your site.

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